Dental Services

We are pleased to offer some of the most advanced dentistry options for our patients. We are dedicated to keeping up to date with the latest in technology and comfortable dental systems.

Whether you’re concerned about your dental health, are suffering from a dental disease, or are just looking to get that perfect smile you’ve always wanted, Carrington Dental Care can help fulfill your dental goals.

Dr. Bauer and our staff are well-trained and have been bringing quality dental care to the Carrington area for years. We can help you find the services and treatments that will best benefit you.

Every case is unique. We at Carrington Dental Care understand that, and want you to feel comfortable with the decisions you make concerning your dental health. We have several options in regards to dental and oral hygiene, cosmetic dentistry, and treatments for dental and oral conditions.

Remember, the first step in having that smile you’ve always wanted starts by consulting with a professional. Dr. Bauer and his staff will show you ways you can improve your smile, and will direct you in ways to best maintain your dental health throughout your life.

Dental health starts early, too, so be sure to schedule an appointment for your children to come receive an oral exam. Not only will your child have their teeth examined and cleaned, they’ll also learn valuable ways they can keep their mouth shining and healthy for years to come.

We offer complete dental care, including the following list below:

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Call us to see how we can help you keep and maintain a healthy mouth for a lifetime!